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SHAW 4 COMMUNITY has a mission to spread our services surrounding Health and Wellness within our community. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through seminars, trainings, outreach activities, and many other services, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.

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Here at SHAW 4 COMMUNITY, we see the value in everyone in our community. Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for positive change within Stockton, California and the underserved low- moderate-income communities/individuals/families by providing a wide array of services catering to the five main pillars of Health and Wellness: Physical (Fitness and Nutrition), Spiritual, Emotional, Social (Community and Environmental) and Intellectual. In order to be considered Healthy and "WELL", it is imperative for none of these areas to be neglected.
Learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes we want to see.

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209 Hikes Youth Program

Our 209 Hikes Youth Program is a dedicated initiative designed to support at-risk and underserved youth in our community by fostering mental health, emotional well-being, and physical and nutritional health through structured outdoor activities, wellness education, and community engagement. Aligned with the mission of SHAW 4 Community, we aim to bridge the gap between young people and the wider community through meaningful engagement and leadership development opportunities.

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Ways We Help

SHAW 4 COMMUNITY is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Non-Profit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.

Homeless Outreach

Helping The Community

With this initiative, our goal is to promote and teach Health and Wellness for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.

Food Prep Donations

Reinforcing our Commitment

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Food Prep Donation is vital for individuals whom simply are not able to cook for themselves and have medical conditions. This is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.

Fitness and Nutrition 

One Step at a Time

At SHAW 4 Community, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. Through education, training, coaching, guidance and online resources we hope we can help those whom struggle with this aspect of Health and Wellness. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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